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Content Production

Our production team is dedicated to crating engaging and informative content.
From historical narratives to artistic interpretations, our content is tailored to enrich the visitor's understanding and appreciation of the attractions they explore.



ATRIUM employs native speakers for meticulous translations into multiple  languages. Our team of skilled linguists ensures that the essence, cultural nuances, and historical accuracy of the original content are preserved in every translation.

By engaging native speakers, we guarantee an authentic and captivating experience for visitors, allowing them to connect with the site's story on a profound level.

At ATRIUM, we don't just provide information; we craft narratives that resonate, captivate, and leave an
indelible mark on every visitor, breaking down language barriers and fostering a deeper appreciation for the
world's cultural heritage.


Voice Actors

ATRIUM takes pride in assembling a diverse and talented team of voice actors from around the globe.

Our international roster of voice actors brings a rich tapestry of accents, tones, and styles, adding authenticity and cultural depth to our audio content.

Each actor undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring not only exceptional vocal talent but also an ability to convey the passion and nuance required for a truly engaging experience.

Whether you're navigating the Louvre in Paris or exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, our voice actors seamlessly guide you through the narrative, providing an immersive journey that transcends linguistic and
cultural barriers.


Sound Design

ATRIUM redefine audio content production through state-of-the-art sound recording and sound design technologies.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our utilization of professional-grade equipment, including high-end condenser microphones, industry-leading digital audio workstations (DAWs), and cutting- edge signal processing tools.

Through meticulous sound design, our sound engineers tailor each audio guide to the unique characteristics of the site, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience.

With a focus on dynamic range, frequency response, and spatial accuracy, our audio content transcends traditional boundaries, transporting visitors into the heart of history, art, and culture.

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