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On-Site Operation

We offer different on-site Operation solutions according to your site needs

Instruct Your Own Personnel


ATRIUM Staff On-Site Service

ATRIUM provides comprehensive training for your staff to manage on-site operations backed Up by Our Support Service.

Our "Instruct Your Own Personnel" program cover device management, troubleshooting, and effective communication strategies, ensuring that your personnel can confidently assist visitors on their exploration journey and ensures that your staff is well-equipped to manage on-site operations

Our staff becomes an extension of your team, providing end- to-end seamless services for your visitors.

From device distribution and troubleshooting to personalized assistance, our on-site staff ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience
for every visitor.


This premium service guarantees that your guests receive personalized attention, creating a lasting impression and fostering a sense of connection with the

Choose the on-site operation solution that best aligns with your site's unique needs.
ATRIUM's flexible approach ensures that whether you prefer to empower your own team or rely on our dedicated staff, the visitor experience remains at the forefront.
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our devices, ensuring that every interaction with ATRIUM contributes to an enriched global experience for your visitors.

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